Summer 2024

Workshops in dancing/painting for young artists! 

Karlstad municipality is supporting us in arranging meet-ups where young participants (ages 13-18) can participate in creational lab – for free! 

Dance and painting will come together in a fun and creative way during four workshop dates in June.

In July/August we will arrange Dance and Draw Summer Camp (also through Karlstad municipality)where young people who are curious in the artistic process are invited to three full weeks of "working as an artist" i Karlstad!

Spring-Winter 2022

A brand new project is in the making! Photographer Oscar Kvamme and dance artist Linn Eriksson are working on In Search of Light - a photographic narration of rural landscapes all over the county of Värmland. Movement is put in symbiosis with - or in contrast to - different light, weather conditions and seasons throughout one year. This project is financed by Region Värmland and the County Administrative Board of Värmland.

This project is planned to be exhibited in Värmland during 2024/2025.

Summer/Autumn 2022

With financial support from the Swedish Arts Council, Unfolding has unfolded to become an installation with extracts of dance, charcoal painting and film projections. This stands as a part of exhibition "Badbuss inställd" at ValstaKonst in the municipality of Sigtuna from September 2020 until January 2023. The creative team for this project is Jennie Dahlén and Linn Eriksson, in collaboration with Kristoffer Andrén. 

Summer/Autumn 2021

We're diving into the local, cultural policies! By writing a pilot study report, we want to bring the current working conditions of freelancing artists in the district of Värmlnad to light. With financial support from Region Värmland and in collaboration with the municipality of Karlstad (Karlstads kommun), we are researching the possibilities to establish a permanent solution for working spaces and an alternative stage, dedicated to freelancing artists from different fields, active in Värmland. Administrative duo: Linn Eriksson and Isabelle Boström.

Artistic creation, regardless of art form, is a prerequisite for a vibrant cultural life and the development of society as a whole. Artist policy is an important part of cultural policy, and it needs to be strengthened in order for the cultural policy goals to be achieved.

– Värmland's Cultural Plan 2022-2025

Update: The matter has been politically anchored and is entrusted to officials from the municipality of Karlstad for further investigation, as of spring 2022.

Winter 2020/Spring 2021

We have received funding for a new project: #dansfönstret ! The Swedish Arts Council and Region Värmland is supporting our completely Covid-safe, ongoing performance concept, where the dance artist Linn Eriksson is exposing research processes from display windows in the city centre of Karlstad. By inviting guests artists to join in different parts of the research, a variety of crossover and interdisciplinary work will take place.